Tuesday, May 25, 2010

fresh off the easel

Just finished this painting last week and I will be showing it next week in my solo show at the Finch Lane Gallery (The Art Barn) in Salt Lake City, along with many other new works. Also showing that night are the artists Al Denyer and Aurora Hughes Villa. The opening will be June 11, from 6-8 pm. The show will be up from June 11 to July 22 for anyone who cannot make it to the opening. Please come if you can! An announcement with more details for the gallery and show can be found below


  1. Sunny B!!! i am going to try to come. that would be so fun. I love your art and I love you so that would be a double whammy!

    and I like Sunny Belliston Taylor. Sounds professional and awesome.

  2. I can't make your show but wanted to tell you how AMAZING this piece is! I love it...not that I ever doubted in the first place! :)

  3. i saw your website!
    nice collages, drawings!

  4. "Life is like riding a bike, in order to keep your balance you gotta keep moving!"
    this was so beautiful and peaceful and made me happy for you.
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  5. Hi Sunny! This is your old student Laura Hawkins...don't know if you remember me.I check your art website periodically and I LOVE your new (well, new to me) work! It's really cool, and I wish I still lived in Utah to check out your show at Finch Lane. I hope all is well for you!